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Pasture Improvement Initiative

Who makes up the Pasture Improvement Initiative (PII)?

Support for the PII comes from a unique mix of agribusiness and industry stakeholders who have a desire to contribute to a more strategic approach to pasture management for livestock, fodder and crop production systems.

The founding partners in the Pasture Improvement Initiative comprise a unique mix of national and international agribusiness and industry stakeholders, who collectively identified the need to promote the value and benefits of pasture improvement for livestock, fodder and crop production systems.

The PII structure

The Pasture Improvement Initiative (Pasture Renewal Initiative Pty. Ltd.) is a Company limited by guarantee.

The PII management team

The Board

The Pasture Improvement Initiative Board consists of representatives from our Tier One founding partners.

The Advisory Committee

The Pasture Improvement Initiative Advisory Committee is made of of representatives from Tier One, Two and Three partners and industry sponsors.  The Committee sets the direction and implementation strategy for the organisation’s activities.

Executive Officer — David (Rock) Hudson

Based in Gisborne, Victoria, David has extensive experience working in the agribusiness sector. David manages the day-to-day operations of the Pasture Improvement Initiative, reporting to the Board and serving as the program’s interface with participants and industry stakeholders.

Communications Manager — Catriona (Cat) Nicholls

Cat has extensive experience working in the agricultural communications sector. Her role is to brainstorm, develop and implement the campaign, reporting to the Executive Officer and serving as the campaign’s PR operative.