Growing profit from the ground up

Pasture Improvement Initiative

PII Industry and government supporters

The following organisations provide financial and in-kind support as Tier Two Industry and government supporters to the PII:


RIRDC is a statutory authority established by the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (PIRD Act).

  • RIRDC’s purpose is to invest in research and development that is adopted and assists rural industries to be productive, profitable and sustainable.
  • The RIRDC Pasture Seeds Program aims to maximise opportunities and minimise risks for a profitable and sustainable pasture seeds industry based on reputation for reliable supply, domestically and internationally, for a range of quality pasture species.

Australian Seed Federation (ASF)

The ASF is the peak industry body for the Australian seed industry at the local, state, national and international level.
The ASF also represents its members internationally, as a member of the International Seed Federation (ISF) and the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA).
The ASF strives to deliver Leadership, Advocacy, Adaptation and Solutions on key issues including climate change adaptation, world food security, technological developments, trade, and the growth in productivity of Australian and international agriculture, through the delivery and supply of new and improved commodities and services to the market.

Kondinin Group

Kondinin Group is a leading source of independent information for agriculture with more than 55 years under its belt as an agricultural media organisation.
In a 12-month period the group spends more than $1 million on independent research of agricultural equipment and services to help farmers and the wider industry make better choices.
In addition to working closely with Australia’s primary producers, Kondinin Group also has strong alliances with a range of stakeholder organisations across government, private industry, universities, research bodies and grower groups.