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Saltbush fills marginal gaps in mixed farming system

Farmers: John and Debra Arentz
Location: Manangatang, Victoria
Property size: 3300ha
Mean Annual Rainfall: 275mm
Soils: Sandy loams to heavier country
Enterprises: Cropping, sheep (Merino ewes and White Suffolk rams)

Saltbush is providing John and Debra Arentz with a resilient and timely forage base in even the harshest of seasons. And after more than eight years of experience with the hardy perennial shrub, John has fine-tuned his saltbush plantings to maximise the opportunities within his mixed-farming system.

Sheep and saltbush

Leaving plenty of space between saltbush shrubs allows volunteer grasses to establish, providing a balanced diet for sheep.

Key points

  • Saltbush can provide a resilient forage base in marginal areas unsuited to cropping and traditional perennial pastures.
  • Providing plenty of inter-row space allows volunteer annuals, reducing the need for supplementary feed.

Click here to download the Arentz case study (PDF 454KB)

Note: This case study was developed as part of the Enrich project under the former Future Farm  Industries CRC.