Growing profit from the ground up

Pasture Improvement Initiative

The Pasture Improvement Initiative’s goal is to boost the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australia’s pasture feedbase, so we can realise the full potential of our livestock, pasture seed and fodder crop supply chains.

As the world’s population increases so too does the demand for food, feed and fibre. The oft-forgotten, all-critical link in this world-sustaining supply chain is the pasture feedbase: the cornerstone for livestock, fodder and crop production.

Yet Australia’s pastures are declining in terms of productivity and persistence; a result of an increasingly variable climate, reduction in the seed bank, a low rate of pasture renewal and a generational loss of pasture management knowledge, on-farm and along the supply chain. If this decline continues we jeopardise our ability to capitalise on the burgeoning opportunity provided by the increasing demand for food, feed and fibre.

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