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Pasture Improvement Initiative

Subtropicals exceed all expectations

Case study: Stuart and Bronwyn Lockrey
Location: Manilla, NSW
Property size: 999 ha
Average annual rainfall: 700 mm
Soil types: Basalt-derived, light brown to heavy black soils
Enterprise mix: Winter cereals, trade beef cattle, Droughtmaster stud and sheep

Key points

  • Subtropical perennial pastures are proving their worth under extreme seasonal conditions.
  • With mild winter conditions subtropicals can provide year-round feed.
  • Companion legumes can provide a cost-effective source of soil nitrogen needed to support grass production year after year.

Click here to download the Lockrey case study

Note: This case study originally appeared in the former Future Farm industries CRC Future Farm magazine during April 2014.

A series of fact sheets on tropical grasses can be downloaded from the NSW DPI website.

Tropical Perennial Grasses for Northern Inland NSW — 2nd Edition can be downloaded here