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Pasture Improvement Initiative

Pasture species snapshots

During the coming months the Pasture Improvement Initiative will develop a package of pasture species snapshots to help you select the best species for your growing conditions and enterprise mix.  Each snapshot will provide a brief guide to optimal growing conditions, establishment and management requirements, weed, pest and disease control and key animal production considerations for each species.

Links to additional resources and case studies of farmers successfully managing each species within their farming system are included for each pasture species snapshot.

ASF Pasture Seed Product Database

The Australian Seed Federation Pasture Seed Product data base lists pasture seed products by species and identifies the intellectual property, marketing and varietal status of the various pasture seed products nominated by their Australian marketer.

The ASF Pasture Seed Product database covers the full range of pasture seed products available from pasture seed suppliers which are adapted to the agro-ecologically diverse pasture and livestock markets of Australia. The pasture seed products listed in the database include annual and perennial pasture grasses, legumes, forage and fodder crops and some herbs used within pastures.

Pasture profiles

  • Annual ryegrass (under development)
  • Biserrula (under development)
  • Cocksfoot (under development)
  • Forage brassica (under development)
  • Forage shrubs
  • Herbs (under development)
  • Kikuyu (under development)
  • Lotus corniculatus
  • Lucerne
  • Medic (under development)
  • Perennial ryegrass (under development)
  • Persian clover (under development)
  • Phalaris
  • Red clover (under development)
  • Serradella (under development)
  • Strawberry clover (under development)
  • Subclover (under development)
  • Tall fescue (under development)
  • Tropical grasses (under development)
  • Tropical legumes (under development)
  • Vetch (under development)
  • White clover