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Pasture Improvement Initiative

Weed control

Optimal pasture production occurs when pastures contain the maximum density of desirable species. This is achieved through careful pasture species selection in the short term and effective long-term integrated weed control achieved by incorporating a range of management tools.

When used appropriately these tools will:

  • prevent weeds being introduced
  • remove weeds or reduce weed seed set
  • restrict weed germination
  • encourage competition from desirable species.

During the coming months the Pasture Improvement Initiative will be collating the most up-to-date information on weed control, highlighting key integrated weed management principles and providing links to useful resources on this page. In the meantime, check out the following resources and websites to ensure you are employing the most suitable strategies to achieve your enterprise goals.

Smartphone applications and management tools

Weed smart

The Weed smart application provides a simple tool to gauge herbicide-resistance and weed seed bank management.

WeedSmart is an industry-led initiative to enhance on-farm practices and promote the long-term sustainability of herbicide use.


Weed identification (Weeds Australia)

This online tool allows users to search for weeds by location, common name and scientific name. Search results will provide full-colour images and a detailed description for each stage of the weed lifecycle.

Control options are not included.

Weed control (MLA)

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) invests up to $5 million a year in pasture management research and development projects, supporting production in southern and northern Australia.

The MLA website contains a broad range of information, tools, publications and fact sheets, and farmer case studies to support decision making and best practice weed control strategies.

Herbicide products

Bayer CropScience, CropCare and Nufarm are leading suppliers of pasture protection products and supporters of the Pasture Improvement Initiative.

You can use the Search function in the Products section of the each company’s website to determine appropriate herbicide control options for selected pasture species.

Publications and factsheets

Weed control in pastures and lucerne (NSW DPI, 2010)

Weed control in pastures and lucerne 2010 is a comprehensive handbook, which includes information on:

  • identifying legume species
  • poison warnings
  • using herbicides successfully
  • using herbicides in pastures
  • weed terminology (glossary).

Integrated weed management (GRDC)

Although produced for the broadacre cropping sector, the Grains Research and Development (GRDC) Integrated Weed Management manual contains a wealth of information and weed management principles pasture managers can use to enhance weed control in their pastures.

Tips & Tools (MLA)

MLA’s Tips & Tools are practical, easy to follow information sheets designed to deliver the outcomes of on-farm R&D for livestock producers.

Weed removers, pasture improvers — effective weed control

Effective long-term control of pasture weeds can be obtained from an integrated approach incorporating a range of management tools. This factsheet outlines the three main steps of a successful weed management program.